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Hello team dancers and parents,


We are SO excited to begin a new season of dance at C&C Ballet! To honor social distancing standards this email will replace our annual team kick-off meeting. There's a lot of info to give you so please make sure you read ALL of the attachments and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 


You should have been contacted by your team instructor by now. If you haven't please let us know ASAP. A team roster is attached and instructors are as follows:

Team 5: Amanda

Team 4: DeeDee

Team 3: Sierra

Team 2: Jolie

Team 1: Brooklyn

Production: Paige


Please read the attached team info letter for details regarding participation expectations, performance info and fee amounts and due dates.


Please read the performance dates attachment for important dates to mark on your calendars. Our Christmas expo performances have been cancelled this year (by the expo coordinators) due to the pandemic. Therefore, the only winter performance will be the studio recital. We are holding out hope that Covid won't shut it down. In the spirit of optimism we are continuing forward as planned.


Competition dates have been set for spring 2021. Locations are still being decided upon and we will get that info to you as soon as we have confirmations. All competitions will be held in Salt Lake County or northern Utah County (Lehi/Alpine area). Last year's team dancers will have the fees they paid last year rolled over to this year. If your student paid for competitions last year but will not be competing this year, please contact Angela to arrange how you would like that credit applied to your account at C&C (sibling fees, tuition, costumes, etc). 


Speaking of fees... We will be holding a Swig punchcard fundraiser again this year. Order forms are attached to this email. Here's a quick run down of how it all works:

Dancers can print as many order forms as they need (please write all of your sales on these forms and turn them in at the end of the selling period). **Instead of a street address please fill in an email address so Paige can confirm receipt of the cards to your customers. Their email address will NOT be sold! Swig will NEVER see it. These forms are for you and C&C only!** Dancers will sell punchcards, $25 for 10 drinks and/or $19.50 for 10 cookies. You may choose which items you'd like to sell. You may begin selling today and orders will be due Sept 10th. Collect payment at time of sale. All payments should be made to you. Total up the amount you sold and write one check (or Venmo payment) for the total to C&C Ballet Academy and turn it in with your order form on Sept 10th. You may hand in your order to Paige directly or put it in the payment drop box at the studio. If possible please put everything together in an envelope with the dancer's name on the outside. Cards will be ready for the dancers to pick up at the studio by Monday, Sept 14th. Dancers will be responsible for delivering the cards to their customers. You will receive your order form back with the cards so you don't forget who bought them ;). And, here's the best part... ready?... Dancers will make a profit of $7 per card!! Instantly credited to your account at C&C. You can put this towards tuition, competition fees, costumes, whatever you choose. $7 PER CARD PROFIT!! Easy money! Post about it on your social media pages and watch your sales pile up! There are jpeg files attached to this email that you can upload to your social media accounts. Happy selling!!

If you have any questions about the fundraiser call/text Paige (801)577-1564. 


Almost done. One last thing. We are looking for more dancers to join our production team. We will be doing the same Once Upon a Time theme but we want to make it even bigger and better. Please recruit your dance friends and fellow classmates. The more the merrier! We will begin production rehearsals when we return from Christmas break. A full rehearsal schedule will be available after Thanksgiving break. We're so excited to have more opportunities to perform this great routine! 


Thanks for hanging in there and reading this REALLY LONG email! Sorry we couldn't meet in person but we want to keep everyone healthy and happy, and dancing!! Please call Paige at (801)577-1564 if you have any questions. Texting will get the quickest response but you're welcome to also call or you can email her directly at


Thanks again everyone. We can't wait to dance with you again!


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Performing Team Faculty


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