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Dear C & C Ballet Academy students and families,

We are happy that the state will be starting the process of opening businesses as the curve of the virus is leveling off.  We will still comply with the recommendations of the CDC in our process of opening our classes and preparing for a recital. 

Salt Lake County guidelines state that Gyms and Dance studios can reopen with classes if they maintain a 10 ft distance between participants.  Due to limited space, that would only allow 5-8 students in each dance studio.  With this limitation, we will need to continue having our classes through Zoom for the next 2 weeks. At that point, we will re-evaluate what is happening in the state and see if regulations change.

Our tentative plan will go as follows: Starting May 18th we will begin holding classes with less than 10 students back at the studio. We will also continue to hold classes through Zoom for those who prefer.  The week of June 1st we will have all classes at the studio and prepare for the recital.  There will be new regulations for the studio to have students in them.  The lobby will be closed.  Restrooms may be used for emergencies only.  All dancers will need to come dressed for dance before they arrive at the studio. They will need their own water bottle with their name on it.  Dancers will enter the door to the room from the outside entrance. When leaving the studio they will use hand sanitizer.  Rooms will be wiped down between classes.  All dancers must exit the classroom before the next class of students may enter.  We also recommend all dancers shower after class.

We were informed with the schools closed for the rest of the year the district will not rent the auditorium to us for our recital on June 6th.    We are wanting to have a recital with an altered format.  It will be held outside on a portable stage and each class will have a scheduled time.  For now it is scheduled for June 27th.  In the past we have been able to have any who wanted to attend the performance come, unfortunately we will need to limit observers to 2 people per students.   Dance pictures are scheduled for June 29th and 30th.   More information will be given later as it becomes available.  With classes and the recital going into June, exams will be cancelled.   Students will receive information to register for the 2020-2021 dance year by mail.  

We are still waiting for information about competitions.  As soon as we do we will let you know what is happening.                                 

As we move back to dancing together we want everyone to be safe and stay healthy.  If you have questions or concerns please call at 801-254-0112.

Thank you,

The C & C Ballet Faculty

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